Curvy Little Liars | Spencer Hastings 2.0

Happy PLL Day everyone!!! Are you as excited as I am about the Summer of Answers?! I literally have been on edge for that past 2 weeks in anticipation for the new season. I decided that since my last Curvy Little Liars did so well that I wanted too another for you guys that is completely revamped using fresh NEW clothes….and do a FULL week of Liars instead of one giant post. So this week is all about my favorite Rosewood Fashionistas!

Can we call just agree that given the chance we would raid each of their closets? How do they look trendy all the time? The answer lies within Mandi Line, the stylist behind all of our favorite PLL looks. Mandi is fashion mastermind who I’m sure at one point has inspired us all with the jaw dropping looks she conjures up. Her attention to detail is immaculate; she has created a distinct individual style for each girl that anyone can draw inspiration from. If I wanted to channel Aria I would know what pieces to grab. Same with all the girls. Can we just give a round of applause to Mandi! She has transformed Pretty Little Liars into a fashion gold mine full of inspiration! Thank you Mandi!

We are kicking off Curvy Little Liars Week with Spencer Hastings! I maintained her collegiate style, but this time added more of my own spin to it to make it curvy girl friendly.

Spencerspencer2spencer3 (2)spencer2 (2)


I hope you all enjoy the summer premier tonight! Stay tuned because there’s more Curvy Little Liars to come this week! for more behind the scenes fashion secrets follow Mandi on Instagram @mandiline !

Miss my original Curvy Little Liars post? Find it here to see a more in depth description of each girl’s style!

Want Spencer’s Look?

Crop Top | Fashion to Figure | Here

Black button down | Similar

Jeans | Similar -On Sale!

Shoes | Similar

All Photos by Lemon Heart Photography

3 thoughts on “Curvy Little Liars | Spencer Hastings 2.0

  1. Kishina Heaggans says:

    Cute look! Love this style. And I must check out this PLL. I hardly ever watch TV but you have inspired me to check out this show if for nothing but the fashion alone…lol. Now, that I could live for. Love me some awesome outfits šŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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