A Different Perspective: New Vibes, Old Pieces

Greetings! Today’s post is bit different than the others because it’s doesn’t feature anything new. Getting new clothes is always a great time, but to get the most out of your wardrobe it’s smart to wear what you already have in new ways. But there’s nothing special about what I already have. That’s because I’ve never looked at from a different angle. Lately I’ve really been trying to focus on this concept and have been quite pleased with the results. This post is going to show you how I gave a fresh look to some old pieces, while still looking current and polished.

The look I’m wearing was my Saturday OOTD. On the weekends I always opt for comfort when I have errands to run. Because I am who I am, I can’t just run errands in sweats and a T-shirt, I HAVE to glam it up. I took a few things into play when deciding what I should wear: 1). I live in Arizona and it’s 1000 degrees always, and 2). I want to be comfortable, but still cute. This lead me to my chiffon cheetah tank and black maxi skirt.

To spice up the skirt(similar) I just added a knot to the side and pulled it up a little higher to give it a high-waist feel. Easy right?! Just those two things took it from “Hi I’m just a basic black maxi, don’t mind me” to “Hey girl hey! I’m a sleek high-waist midi skirt making your calves look fierce and your curves look flawless! Come see about me!” It’s amazing what a simple knot can do to a maxi skirt or even the right kind of maxi dress; gives it new life without compromising comfort. It gives the piece an entirely different look in regards to the way it fits and how it makes you look by adding a sleeker line to show off those curves.

Moving on to the shirt. I mean, how fun is the pattern?? It adds just the right amount of a sass to the entire look. This is where I took into consideration the forever hot Arizona temperature; the tank is chiffon so it’s ultra lightweight with zero cling. I’ve had this shirt for I don’t know how long and I very rarely tuck it in because it’s meant to be long and flowy. But since this whole post is about a different perspective, I tucked it into the skirt to draw more attention to my waist.

I finished the look off with comfy sandals, a gold necklace(similar) to add some shine, and my blue Sunglass Warehouse sunnies for a fun pop of color!


All photos taken by Lemon Heart Photography

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