Edgy Summer Nights

So I’m going to start this post with a little confession that I’ve been holding back: I’ve been having an on and off love affair…With leather, of course! What were ya’ll thinking?! The problem I have is when it hits 115 degrees during the day, I care more about my survival than my lust for leather. So to satisfy both cravings I wait until the sun(and temperature) goes down and I bust out my favorite pleather/leather looking pieces. Keywords being pleather and leather looking, which means I get to channel my inner Cat Woman without overheating.

The look I chose is PERFECT for a night out with the girls. It’s sexy and edgy without being too revealing. Notice how the shirt(similar) has a shinier look and the leggings have a more matte finish; it keeps the pieces from clashing. The peplum cut of the shirt does exactly what you’d want it to ad gives the body an hourglass shape. The leggings are just perfection because even though the aren’t completely matte, they show NOTHING. No, bumps, dips, or lumps…unless it’s your lady lumps. I polished it off with simple nude heels and a layered gold necklace(similar). Add a clutch of your choosing and BAM!  You’re ready for a night out.leather2leather3 (3)leather4 (2)leather2 (2) IMG_5062

All Photos taken By Lemon Heart Photography

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