Spring ‘Fashion’ Forward!

Yes, you may have lost an hour of sleep(we didn’t in Arizona!), but that also means your wardrobe gets a colorful make-over! Spring is the time of year when you put away your winter grays and bust out your pastels, florals, and neon. As you all know monochromes are my BFF, however I decided to embrace Spring and all the beautiful clothes it has to offer. To date this is my brightest post yet! Yay!

Since I’m new to the color world, I opted for a blue and white stripe dress and teal blazer from Target. Since those are both bright harsh colors, I wanted to soften it up with my favorite coral Coach purse. I don’t typically buy a lot of maxi dresses because they always too short on me. Although I think I hit the jackpot with this one! As I mentioned in previous posts I’m 5’10” and this dress goes well past my feet, allowing me to wear heels or wedges with it! The fabric is light and cottony with some stretch. It’s extremely comfortable. The V-Shape Chevron pattern extenuates curves and elongates the body since it gives the illusion it’s pulling you in. Especially at the hips!





For makeup, I did a soft smokey eye and bright pink lip!


Style Breakdown:

Maxi Dress(XXL): Target

Blazer(old): Similar

Shoes: Old Navy

Necklace: Forever 21

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