Fashion Fears Conquered: Stripes

Today I want to talk about stripes and why I have fallen in love with this dress. Since starting my blog a couple weeks ago, it has inspired me to think outside of my comfort zone. First with my crop top and now with stripes. I’m buying clothes and putting together outfits I wouldn’t normally wear and I’m surprising myself…in a good way! I think everything is about trial and error and so far I feel like I’ve succeeded. My next mission: stripes.

I know there are people who cringe when they hear the words ‘plus-size’ and ‘stripes’ in the same sentence. I’ve decided to let those words go in one ear and out the other. The dress I picked out satisfies two things: 1). My love for all things monochromatic and 2). That “there’s no way this would look good one me” feeling. So naturally I had to get it because who knows, the thing that repelled me could be thing that flatters me. I got the dress and the Black and White Blazer from Target. The gray suede jacket I for from Boardroom Blonde and is from Macy’s.

I paired the dress with 2 different jackets to show it has some versatility. To offset the black and white I added a pop of color with a pink statement necklace.


                                  Paired with Ava & Viv Blazer


                                              Stripes ON Stripes!!!

stripes4 (2)stripes5

The dress is extremely comfortable and doesn’t slide up when you walk(yay!!!). I’m over 6 feet tall with heels ON and the dress falls nicely at my knees; something to keep in mind if you’re shorter than me. I even did Stripes on Stripes. it works here because the stripes on the dress are wide, in intervals, and the black are bigger than the white. Where as the blazer has a pin-stripe look and looks more white from far away.

I don’t know who came up with the idea that stripes and curves don’t match, but I feel like I proved them wrong. This dress emphasizes my curves to the FULLEST. On the back of the blazer the stripes change direction to give the illusion of a smaller waist which I LOVE.

stripes 6


Style Breakdown:

Dress(2x):$27.99- Target

Blazer(2x):$34.99-Ava & Viv at Target

Gray Jacket(20)-Macy’s (similar here)

Shoes(10)- Torrid

Necklace(old)- Similar here for $4.50!

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