Crop Me Out Please

You will only ever hear me say those words when it comes to fashion. Crop me out of a picture and the gloves come off! Unless I look like a hot mess. Today however, I’m referring to my colorful crop top from Eloquii that was given to me by fabulous friend Boardroom Blonde for being her life-size barbie!(See us play dress-up!)

I recently started venturing into the realm of crop tops now I feel like I’m a legal citizen! This one by Eloquii has definitely been added to the list of favorites. On me, it doesn’t stop right under my bust, but fits down onto my torso which I love. It’s scuba material so it’s not clingy, but snug enough to show off my curves. Here, I paired it with my new bone-button blazer and high-waist jeans to keep the focus on the crop top. I added a gold layered necklace for some extra sparkle and my Coach bag.

crop2 (2)crop (2)

Believe me when I say it took me forever to give the time of day to a crop top. My biggest fear was, you guess it, my stomach and all of its stretch mark glory. My stretch marks are basically the same color as my skin so that wasn’t a major deal. My biggest issue was always being told girls like me have no business showing a mid-drift of any kind. No crop tops and no two-piece swimsuits. Those were the rules. Luckily I’m a rule-breaking connoisseur, and I’m so happy I broke this one. I will admit it does take a bit to get used to feeling the air on the tummy, but the feeling of liberation will take over and the rest is history.

So I encourage you to wear your crop tops with pride no matter what the “rules” are. Happy rule-breaking!

Style break down:

 Blazer(3x): $21.99- G Stage

Crop Top(20): $17.97, Similar– Eloquii

Jeans(20): $24.90- Forever 21

Necklace: $7.90, Similar– Forever 21

Shoes(10): $12.00, Similar– Walmart


12 thoughts on “Crop Me Out Please

  1. thevegancow says:

    Beautifully said! Crop top it up, girl! You look gorgeous. I had to give you props for bringing confidence into this post and trying to spread that confidence to others. The train of positivity can become infinite if we encourage one another. 🙂 I may not be a plus size girl but I am 6’1″ with curves and I know it took me a while to get comfortable with not being an approved of “shorty” but now I embrace it. 🙂 we never talked in school and I’m not even sure you know who I am, but I saw this and I love what you’re doing with it and with yourself. Keep it up, I’ll be on the sidelines giving applause!
    -Casey Cheney

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